Coworking and Business Models

Konferenzbeitrag: Bouncken, Clauss & Reuschl (2016) SMS Special Conference Hong Kong

Coworking-spaces are a recent phenomenon that spreads around the world. Coworking-spaces particularly rise and increase in importance in Asian countries because of the cultural (i.e. collectivism, high-context communication) and institutional contexts (i.e. mega-cities, digitalization, sharing economy) in Asia. Despite the various advantages of coworking-spaces, very limited understanding exists how coworking-space providers can design their business models for the differing user demands and their business models. To close this gap, we take a business model design perspective. We emphasize that coworking-space providers can use four layers of value creation and several value capture approaches to configure their business models along a continuum from rather basic efficiency-centered to novelty-centered full-service business models.

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